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Silverman Livermore Solicitors

Silverman Livermore Solicitors have been providing legal services since 1938. An established, trusted firm of experienced legal professionals they serve the people of Runcorn, Widnes and surrounding areas. Specialists in Family Law Services, Personal Injury Claims, Court of Protection, Lasting Power of Attorney[s], Wills, and Probate, Nuisance, Contested Probate.

Silverman Livermore – A history

Silverman Livermore Solicitors was established in 1938 when Harry Livermore joined Sydney Silverman as a Partner at his office at 153 Dale Street, Liverpool.

Born in Liverpool, the son of an impoverished draper, Sydney Silverman studied at Liverpool University and proved to be a talented Solicitor. He developed a reputation in Liverpool as a Solicitor who was willing to defend the interests of the poor and he pursued many successful workmen’s compensation claims and Landlord and Tenant disputes. Sydney Silverman was to become a Labour MP and a tireless campaigner against nuclear weapons and the death penalty.

In 1948 he managed to persuade the House of Commons to agree to a 5-year suspension of executions. However, this clause in the Criminal Justice Bill was defeated in the House of Lords and as a result Sydney Silverman founded the Campaign for the Abolition of the Death Penalty and his tireless campaigning helped to ensure the eventual abolition of the death penalty.

In 1954 Sydney Silverman, Michael Foot and three other members were expelled from the Labour Party for opposing its Nuclear Defence Policy and three years later they formed the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament movement later to become known by its initials CND.

Sydney Silverman died in hospital in February 1968 but no member of the partnership has since felt it appropriate to remove his name from its title.

Young Lawyer Harry Livermore (later to become ‘Sir Harry’), originally from Newcastle, joined Sydney Silverman in partnership shortly before the outbreak of WWII, where he served in the RAF.

Sir Harry’s legal career included some notable battles in the local Magistrates’ Court many of which were recorded in the local press and are still referred to today, and he became known as the ‘fiery knight’ for his campaigning on behalf of those who he thought had been wronged and he pursued both his legal career, civic duties and family responsibilities with enthusiasm and vigour.

Sir Harry was involved on behalf of the Defence in some of the major criminal trials in Liverpool, perhaps the most famous being the Cameo Murders. Although almost 80 at the time of the disaster at Heysel Stadium he quickly took up the cudgels on behalf of some fans who had faced what he saw as unjustified criticism in an effort to clear the names of those who were innocent of any offence save that they were Liverpool fans.

Sir Harry Livermore had himself been at the Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield when the tragic events of the 15th April 1989 took place and he was quick to take up the fight on behalf of those who had been bereaved and injured.

Sir Harry listed amongst his Clients some notable local personalities including Brian Epstein who he represented in 1962.

Apart from his love of football, the Law and his family, Sir Harry was an enthusiastic supporter of music and local theatres and he was Chairman of the Liverpool Philharmonic Society, was instrumental in the opening of the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool and Sir Harry received his Knighthood for his services to the arts in Merseyside in 1973. He also served as Lord Mayor from 1958 to 1959.

Sydney Silverman and Sir Harry Livermore’s campaigning spirit lives on in the firm that still carries their names to this day.

Silverman Livermore first office was in Dale Street, Liverpool and over the years the firm has had offices in Liverpool, Manchester, Bootle, Huyton, Halewood and Runcorn and over recent years the present partners have decided to concentrate their efforts providing legal services for the people of Runcorn, Widnes and the surrounding area. The firm currently operates from Runcorn Shopping Centre.